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GeoSlicer consists of an integrated computational platform for visualizing and processing digital rocks in all scales. It is based on the opensource platform called 3DSlicer. It includes several tools for processing data in multiple scales, such as orienting multiple cores, extraction and visualization of profiles, semi-auto segmentation, pore/grain pace analysis and other. GeoSlicer aims to meet the demands of geoscientists from different areas and expertises, from petrophysics to geological interpretation.

Workshop videos

The tutorial videos are available with a player that allows easy navigation between the different topics of the workshop/video. The list of topic can be turned on and off by clicking on the bottom right bar of the video. In the image below as an example, the icon is marked in red. The player also allows you to change the playback speed by clicking on the configuration icon, highlighted in blue in the image.

Online workshop of the Thin Section environment

Contents: Loading images and QEMSCAN data, segmentation, image registration and pore space analysis.

Online workshop of the Core CT environment

Contents: Multicore loading, orientation of cores, unwraping multiple images, export and segmentation.

Online workshop of the Micro CT environment

Contents: Loader, crop, filtering, image comparison, manual segmentation, MicroTom simulations and registration.

Online workshop using several segmentation tools

Contents: Segment editing, margin, grow, shrink, island, opening, closing, smoothing.