LTrace is a spinoff from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Founded in 2017, LTrace aims to transform the knowledge acquired in R&D projects developed in a partnership between UFSC and Petrobras in solutions for the oil and gas industry.

For more than 8 years, Leandro, Fernando and Rodrigo worked together on research projects supervised by Professor Mauro Roisenberg at the L3C laboratory and financed by CENPES Petrobras during their academic training at UFSC. The topics covered in the projects were the research of Bayesian Seismic Inversion methods and the application of machine learning techniques in the reservoir characterization process. In addition, Leandro performed part of his doctorate at the University of Wyoming, being supervised by Professor Dario Grana and Fernando worked for 12 months in Portugal at the Instituto Superior Técnico.

Now as founders of LTrace, the partners have different backgrounds in the areas of Physics and Computer Science, providing necessary requirements for launching new products and plugins for Petrel and OpendTect, which combine innovation and performance, providing greater agility in decision making in the oil and gas exploration process.