LTrace also provides the methodologies as a service, we can work together with the company experts to employ deterministic and stochastic inversion techniques, as well as post-inversion analises.

 Simultaneous inversion

  • Low frequency modeling
  • Bayesian Linearized inversion

Petrophysical inversion

  • Statistical Prior distribution based on rock-physics model
  • Compute the conditional distribution of Petrophysical properties given the elastic properties and its uncertainties
  • Construction of stratigraphic grid with horizons and normal faults for simulations
  • Geostatistical simulations of porosity/permeability

Wavelet estimation

  • Estimation and calibration of new wavelets

Bayesian inference

  • Considering a previously defined facies log

Facies geostatistical simulations

  • Reservoir facies characterization

Probabilistic connectivity analysis

  • Given a previously defined well position and facies simulations, the reservoir connected to the well is analyzed.