Service Partners

Service Partners

We have a comprehensive service offer, ranging from seismic interpretation, petrophysics and seismic inversion through our partners in Brazil, Canada and Australia


Fernando Bordignon
Co-Founder and CEO LTrace

Service areas: Machine Learning, Geostatistics and Software Development

Fernando has a Doctorate in Computer Science from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. His thesis theme was the integration of Bayesian linearized inversion into geostatistical inversion methodologies. He has experience at Geophysics, Geostatistics, Computational Intelligence and Computer Science. See more at his professional profiles:


Leandro Passos de Figueiredo
Chief of Research and Co-Founder

Service areas: Seismic Inversion, Reservoir Characterization, Stochastic Inversion, Rock Physics and Petrophysical Inversion.

Doctor in Physics, his strength is at applied research, always with open eyes for the latest methodologies. Leandro has a Doctorate in Physics from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. His thesis theme was Bayesian linearized inversion methodologies. He has experience in the following areas: Statistical Physics, Geophysics and Computer Science. See more at his professional profiles:


Rodrigo Exterkoetter

Service areas: Machine Learning and Software Development

Currently a PhD student in Computer Science, he focus is on Deep Learning research, reservoir modeling and software development. Rodrigo has a Master degree in Computer Science from Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. He has experience in Data Science and Geophysics. See more at his professional profiles:



Adel M. Ebrahim
Co-Founder LTrace Canada

Service areas: Structural Interpretation, Geomodelling, Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis, Seismic Interpretation, Field Development Planning, Multi-Attribute Analysis, CRS Maps and Play fairway analysis.

Adel is an experienced geoscientist with more than 20 year of industry experience. He founded the Canada branch of LTrace to expand our service offerings.
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AbdelRahman Ali
Consultant Petrophysicist at Denali Formation Evaluation Services

Service Areas: Petrophysics, Real Time Analysis, Log Interpretation, Onsite Support, Logging Programs Design, Exploration Petrophysics, Development Petrophysics, Coring Programs.

AbdelRahman have been working as a petrophysicist for 12 years internationally in Egypt, Europe and Australia. Have had extensive experience in petrophysical interpretation across different concessions in Western Desert, Gulf of Suez and Nile Delta in Egypt, with multi-national experience across Europe covering the Dutch, Danish and Norwegian North Sea activities in Dana Petroleum Netherlands B.V. I have extensive experience in logging operation, Clastics and fractured Carbonate reservoirs studies, multi-layer reservoirs, low resistivity pay, integration of core analyses and advanced logs with conventional logs, NMR interpretation, saturation height modelling. Worked on major projects, development and exploration, with major operators worldwide including Eni (Through Agiba Petroleum Company), Dana Petroleum PLC, OMV and Kuwait Oil Company. My experience covers a range of project types, from initial business development and new venture exploration evaluations, to brownfield data-rich, multi-well studies for integrated model builds, forecasting and business planning purposes.

Rafael Medeiros de Souza
Consultant Reservoir Geophysicist at Georaf Australia

Service Areas: Time-lapse seismic, reservoir characterization, 3D/4D seismic interpretation, Fluid-flow modelling, Seismic history-matching, Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QI), Rock Physics Modelling, Seismic Inversion.

Rafael is a Reservoir Geophysicist and Data Scientist acting as an international consultant in both academia and industry. Rafael worked as a Geophysicist at CGG GeoSoftware in Perth and at Ingrain Inc. in the US and Brazil through which he had roles in several projects for NOCs and IOCs. In 2017, Rafael founded Georaf Australia, which has been successful in offering geoscience and data science solutions to the Western Australian industry. He holds a Bachelor degree in Physics, a Master in Science and Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in Reservoir Geophysics from the University of Western Australia.