Products & Services

Products & Services

LTrace develops solutions for joint seismic inversion with innovative Bayesian approaches (see our post Why Bayes?). We provide plugins for Petrel, OpendTect and Services with our methods.

We also have a wide range of subsurface and geophysics related services offered through partners. Check out our Service Partners Page


Bayesian Linear Inversion

Using the convolutional seismic modeling and under the Gaussian assumption for the seismic errors and the prior distribution of the elastic properties, the Basyesian posterior distribution is analytically calculated:

The methodology is based on (Buland, A. & Omre, H., 2003) with some particularities. The prior distribution of elastic properties includes the property correlations, low frequency models and 3 dimensional spatial correlation models. We developed the software as a plugin for OpendTect, an open source platform used throughout the industry. We have employed the latest GPU-based libraries for extreme parallelism and acceleration, therefore, if the user has an NVIDIA® GPU, the process will run on it using only 10 to 20% of the time compared to running the inversion on CPU.

Check out our plugin at the Ocean Store, OpendTect Pro Store and OpendTect plugins page

Under development

Another innovative aspect of our inversion product will be the wavelet estimation

The wavelet estimation process is based on the phase and amplitude spectrum optimization using Simulated Annealing, in order to match not only the seismic data but also the inverted properties with the well logs.  This approach enable the merge of the inversion quality control with the wavelet estimation at the same user interface.


LTrace also provides the methodologies as a service, we can work together with the company experts to employ deterministic and stochastic inversion techniques, as well as post-inversion analises.

 Simultaneous inversion

  • Low frequency modeling
  • Bayesian Linearized inversion

Petrophysical inversion

  • Statistical Prior distribution based on rock-physics model
  • Compute the conditional distribution of Petrophysical properties given the elastic properties and its uncertainties
  • Construction of stratigraphic grid with horizons and normal faults for simulations
  • Geostatistical simulations of porosity/permeability

Wavelet estimation

  • Estimation and calibration of new wavelets

Bayesian inference

  • Considering a previously defined facies log

Facies geostatistical simulations

  • Reservoir facies characterization

Probabilistic connectivity analysis

  • Given a previously defined well position and facies simulations, the reservoir connected to the well is analyzed.

F3 Demo Sample Data

Angle stack sample data, based on F3 demo for running the Bayesian Linear Inversion. The seismic data is a synthetic based on the acoustic impedance from the F3 Demo dataset.

Download at F3 Demo for BLI.

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