Development new technologies using Machine Learning for Digital Rock Analysis in the Brazilian pre-salt area

Since 26 June 2019, a two-year cooperation term has been signed by LTrace and Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes). The partnership for research and development (R&D) project is unprecedented in Brazil, and aims to implement machine learning techniques in the process of digital rock analysis and microtomography in the Brazilian pre-salt area.

According to rules of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), companies with large oil fields are required to invest 1% annually in research, of which 10% must be destined to Brazilian companies.

According our CEO Fernando Bordignon, “Through machine learning capabilities, we will connect micro rock properties with the general properties of the oil reservoir. In general, these samples are very small and there is a great difficulty in isolating and connecting them with the rest. Through deep learning technology, we will make an analysis of the composition of the rocks where the oil is in the reservoirs to connect the large seismic data from the field with micro rock samples”.

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From Paranoá Energia (Portuguese)