Bayesian Linear Inversion

7 May , 2018 Bayes,Bayes' theorem,Elastic Inversion,news,Seismic Inversion,statistics,Uncertainty

Bayesian Linear Inversion




LTrace Geophysical Solutions is proud to announce our first product, The Bayesian Linear Inversion (BLI) plugin for OpendTect.


  • Deterministic elastic inversion for estimating Velocities or Impedances and Density.
  • Runs 6x to 10x faster than a Constrained Sparse Spike inversion.
  • Horizontal correlation.
  • Quality Control (QC) for comparing the inversion results with well log data and iterative parameters adjustment.
  • Accelerated by CUDA on NVIDIA® GPUs.


See more at the dGB Earth Sciences plugin page or at the OpendTect Pro Store.



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