Adel M. Ebrahim

Co-Founder LTrace Canada

Service areas: Structural Interpretation, Geomodelling, Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis, Seismic Interpretation, Field Development Planning, Multi-Attribute Analysis, CRS Maps and Play fairway analysis.

New Venture Work Experience Summary

  • International experience in various basins and plays, and across the evaluation lifecycle from global new ventures, through prospect maturation and well planning.
  • Exploration Evaluation and Associated Studies for New Basin and New Country Entry screening and selection for New Venture Expansions. Proficient in Petroleum Systems, Play Risk Mapping and Analysis, and Resource Estimation, quantify exploration opportunities in clastic and carbonate reservoirs, evaluating existing discoveries for development potentials, and determine estimates of recoverable hydrocarbons using petroleum resource management system and build models to be implanted in a technical and commercial setting. 
  • Used the five components that make up the Petroleum System (Source, Migration, Reservoir, Trap, and Seal), provide appropriate maps, cross-sections, well log correlations and petrophysical analyses, structural/stratigraphic framework analyses, development and new venture opportunities.
  • Creates and develops new play ideas, identifies new business opportunities for International and domestic companies which results in a successful New Venture Exploration Expansion with a constraint by undertaking geological studies at various scales ranging from regional to block scale, the integration of disparate geological and geophysical data sources and the identification, definition, resource assessment and risking of hydrocarbon prospects

Matlab Expert

QA/ QC seismic processing

Exploration Consultant and Upstream Exploration Advisor.

Suriname Near Offshore and Shallow Offshore Guyana-Suriname Sedimentary Basin

 Tanzania: The Permian Selous Basin covering an area of 16818 sq kms.

  • & Rusha Basin about 11,000 line km of good regional PSTM and PSDM 2D seismic dataset will also be available. The data is being re-processed from Post-Stack Time Migration to Pre-Stack Time and Depth Migration.

Nalco Energy:

East Coast

  • Labrador C – areas were interpreted and divided into eight parcels April 2014 (Cretaceous play)
  • Flemish Sedimentary Basin was interpreted and divided into eleven parcels and every parcel is covered with prospects, play segments analysis, structure petroleum potentials and a new petroleum system was identified – October 2014 (Cretaceous and Jurassic plays).

CGG   – UK:

Papua New Guinea – Papuan Sedimentary Basin

PPL 379, PPL 380 and PPL 381 in the Gulf Area.

Three main plays: the Miocene – Pliocene Fold Belt Play, the Miocene – Pliocene Carbonate / Reef Play and the Breakup four-way dip closure play. The study effort to date has mainly concentrated on the Fold Belt Play and the Carbonate / Reef Play.

Dana Petroleum:

Egypt: New venture Geoscientist/ Bid round, farm out Geoscientist

West Africa : Mauritania and Angola : New venture team member at Halliburton and Dana Petroleum

Halliburton Landmark:


  • Lower Congo Basin – Limba Field
  • Kwanza sedimentary Basin (block 25 and block 26)

Analyses complex structure area and subsalts structures.

St.Malo Field: Chevron

  • Lower Tertiary, Miocene Play, Subsalt deepwater prospects GOM.

Deminex – RWE

Gulf of Suez, Meditereanean and Western Desert at RWE and Deminex – Egypt, Germany.

North Sea Viking Graben Concession (Forvie, Jura and Islay’) at Deminex UK.